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17 January 2014

Trying to Start a New Life

There are tricky aspects to this process called relocating and beginning life afresh.  One is the time and energy it takes to make it all happen and the effect this can have on other walks of life, ie - your business.  Not to mention the ups and downs of trying to manage life as a single parent.  It certainly adds a layer of complexity.  In addition to this I had an urgent message to call one of the government departments.  It's all moving and transitional issues but there are times when I could do without all the extra hassle.

I phoned the real estate agent today reporting the complete absence of insulation in the roof and the sweltering temperatures inside our lovely new house which I'd hoped would be so much more comfortable.  The house is only 12 months old and I'm told that building regulations in Victoria now insist on new dwellings meeting certain minimum standards when it comes to the house's efficiency rating.  Insulation is one of them and my friend Lyn's builder has told me that insulation is mandatory in the roof.  I'm disappointed.  And the last thing I want is to start off on the wrong foot with the real estate agents who have been excellent in assisting us in our struggles to relocate.  I just wish it all wasn't the case.  However my sister telling me the house got to 35 degrees inside when it was 36-37 degrees outside and stayed around 30 degrees all night was hideous and not what I was expecting from the house.  Nor is it what I should have to expect.

On the bright side I popped out to the pool at Randwick Racecourse (horse not human!) because Gai Waterhouse had said she would love me to have a little play with her great stallion and Melbourne Cup winner Fiorente.  It was hot and in the middle of the day and therefore not the best time for headshots.  He's a handsome boy though and it brightened up an anxious feeling start to the day. 

Funny???  I shared this today with a former Sub Editor who's a Facebook friend.  He liked it!  How many dogs do you know in this situation??
Tough decisions..  I'm getting better at them although I can still be prone to thinking I should back down.  I've been helped by people, including two close friends recently, telling me that I wasn't being respected and that I deserved respect.

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