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31 January 2014

There was a KOALA at school!!! A KOALA at school!!!!!

I'm still beside myself!  There was a KOALA in the tree next to Heath and Jessica's classrooms this afternoon at pickup.  I was standing chatting to some of the lovely new mum's that have made me feel so welcome.  One of them tapped me on the shoulder and pointed and said 'there's a koala over there'.  They all laughed (but really really nicely!!) at how excited I was.  I am so used to kangaroos, we just go 'oh yes, another kangaroo....' but a KOALA!!!!!!!!!  They are used to them and it's just another koala.  

Of course we had to drive home, collect my camera, and drive back to school so I could photograph him and believe it properly.  I'm still breathless.  What a wonderful part of the world. 

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  1. Lovely to see our native wildlife in their natural surroundings. We had a resident koala in one of the gumtrees at the hospital I worked at in SA ... only time he/she was a problem was when the pro-creational hormones were active. The noise one koala can make ....................