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29 January 2012

Seeing the sunrise with Nelly

Last week was lovely.  I spent another lovely morning with my Pony, the very famous and very special Nelly (Black Caviar) on Tuesday.  I arrived early, at 5.05am, however the truck had left early as it was a busy day with trials, etc.  So Dan and I set off swiftly (without speeding, who can afford a speeding ticket...) and arrived shortly after the horses had gone into the water.  It was still dark when I arrived, and so it was a struggle, but gradually the sky began to warm with light, and the horizon began to glow a beautiful golden red as the sun started its ascent.  This time I got in the water with Nelly.  It was warm, and clear, and calm.  Afterwards I gave her the carrots I brought along for her, and we had another little quiet moment together.  And it is these moments in particular that I treasure, as she nuzzles my hand and searches for more carrots.  She's a special and unique horse.

This image of Nelly and stable foreman Vanessa Bartlett was published in The Age on Wed 25 January.

Nelly and stablemate Curtana exchange words.

18 January 2012

Beach days with Black Caviar

Two days in a row with Nelly (aka the great, great champion Black Caviar).  There are so many times that everything else in your life can go wrong, and a Pony can make things right.  Especially when the Pony happens to be Nelly!!!  I'm still waiting for that elusive sunrise, however given that I am here all month, am still hopeful that this is only a matter of time!!!

Witness the lovely Dan sitting waiting patiently in the background behind Nelly....