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08 August 2012

Black Caviar. The Authorised Story. Gerard Whateley.

It's a special thing to have your image published on the front cover of any book. So it goes without saying that being awarded the front and back cover images, on a book such as this, is a truly special moment. Particularly when the Pony in question is so close to my own heart.  

When you've been photographing professionally as long as I have, it's not the done thing to boast about every photograph you get published.  However this is a project that I've worked closely on, that is close to my heart, and being written by an author and person that I hold in high regard.  And it's on my Famous Pony, the great, great champion, Black Caviar, whom I have grown so close to, so it's a little hard on this occasion not to say "look at me, look at me!!!!".

Thank you Pony, for making the past 2 years of my life such an amazing ride.  xxx