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06 January 2011

My Review of Harry Potter Exclusive "I Solemnly Swear" Woman's Fitted T-Shirt

Originally submitted at WB Shop

Pull out your Marauder's Map and explore the secret halls of Hogwarts while wearing this black Harry Potter "I Solemnly Swear" woman's fitted t-shirt.

Really love this TShirt.

By Bronwen from Canberra, Australia on 1/5/2011


5out of 5

Fit: Feels true to size

Length: Feels true to length

Pros: Figure Flattering, Soft, Stylish

Cons: Thin Material

Best Uses: Date Night/Night Out, Casual Wear

Describe Yourself: Eclectic, Bargain Shopper

This is a great TShirt, and I really loved the Levicorpus one as well, which you don't seem to be doing anymore, and really, having gotten so many comments on both shirts, you need to do the Levicorpus again.


04 January 2011

And So Begins 2011

I began 2011 with a shoot on New Years Days.  It was a welcome relief to be out with a horse!  This little colt, although only small, was gorgeously pretty and coloured just like my first horse Rajah.  He's being prepared for sale by local breeders Maz and Stuart Petterson, who run a small business just outside of Canberra.  I've photographed her horses for the past 3 years now, and this year Stuart and I had to complete the horses on our own, as poor Maz was recovering from a nasty accident.  While I frequently say that it is a relief to be with a horse and not my arguing kids, Stuart did ask a wry question, saying did the kids kick you in the face!  And that's what happened to Maz, which is nasty.  She's fiercely determined, so for Maz to not insist of helping with the horses gives an indication of the degree to which she was injured.  

Lot 791 in the Magic Millions.  A colt by Stratum - Newtown Hussy.  Fantastic colouring!

I returned yesterday to do the remaining 4 horses, which we didn't attempt to do in 37 degree heat and high winds.  From a conformation point of view, in light of Maz's injury and the fact that she is the one who's done all the handling, and the fact that she's been laid up now for over a week, I thought that Stuart coped remarkably well.  Some of them are not perfect, but horses are not not people.  You can't plead with them for sympathy about a difficult week, or hope that they feel sorry for you if you start crying in front of them!  You just have to hope for the best!

As I said, they are small local breeders, and so lack the resources of larger studs, and this is reflected in the areas available to photograph a horse in.  But they are extremely down to earth, they are dedicated to their horses, and Maz has always shown a good head for stallion selection, and it shows both ends of various investments into the racing industry.  And one day we were shooting in searing heat and bright sunshine, then two days later it was overcast, misty, and I was regretting not bringing a light sweater and actually cold by the time I finished.

One of the lovey aspects of this shoot was how much I ended up doing with each horse to help Stuart.  Between us we put the finishing touches on each horses, and I polished and sprayed, and/or held each horse, and that is always a lot of fun.  It's probably technically outside the job description of photographer, but Stuart appreciated the help, and I wish them all the best for the horse's impending sale.  The first four horses are going to the Magic Millions on the Gold Coast, and the Not a Single Doubt will be heading to Melbourne for the Inglis Premier. Oh, and I saw 4 bunnies too!  All in v close proximity, including one that dashed right behind me while Felix was being a warty toad!

Today is back to a houseful of kids, and yet more babysitting of other people's children, which is what I seem to be doing a lot of the time lately.  And perhaps selfishly wishing that the school holidays were beyond me and that I was heading back to work properly!  The autumn carnival seems light years away!

Lot 967 at the Magic Millions, nicknamed "Elvis" - a colt by Haradasun - Bold Selection.  He won the 'warty toad' award for the worst behaved!

Lot 923 at Magic Millions.  I forget her nickname, but this is a filly by Shaft - Taj Majalh

Lot 1024, a filly by Tale of the Cat - God's Lass.  She's a funny thing.  All affectionate one minute, then charging at you if you stand outside the stall with both ears pinned back.  I handled her quite a lot, and she was very well behaved, but you could see the prima donna in her, when she started thinking it was time to reassert her independence.

This fellow will be heading to the Inglis Premier Sale in Melbourne in March.  He's a colt, nicknamed "Felix" by Not a Single Doubt - Kanaka Creek.  They hadn't had time to prep him properly and so he might need re-doing, but they needed  photograph for an interested client.  He only just missed out on the 'warty toad' award!