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02 January 2014

3: Final Days, Final Jobs..

There comes a time in your life when you have to let go of the things that you know are not working in your life.  It's fair to say that I've reached that point.  I'm in the final throes of moving.  My darling friend Brad came over again this afternoon.  He has been my rock, replacing others who ought to have known better.  He has been my friend for over 20 years and has been there for me when I needed him the most.  If I end up with someone half as fabulous as Brad I'll think myself a very lucky girl.

As a result of our work today the trailer going to the tip is packed.  The yard has had the final touches, with only a few more bits of clippings and green waste to go into the feed sacks.  He helped me carry the kids' old beds outside.   He swept my carport and trimmed the rose bush growing rampant into the kids' blinds.  He also fixed the blind over Jessica's window which rattled noisily in the gale force winds that whipped up overnight.  Brad and I sat on those famous front steps a few times during his 6 or so hours over here.  We had a couple of cups of tea out there then at the end of the day we opened a bottle of red wine and sat together, talking quietly.  He's been my friend when I needed him the most.  I will be forever grateful for the way he's been my White Knight on a number of occasions.  They say that it is people's actions, not their words, that define how people really feel about you. 

Fenella rang today.  Christine wanted to check what my position would be in the event Freelance gets bitten by a snake.  The cost of the vet visit to administer the anti-venom is not cheap.  It is around $1200.  However the mare is precious to me so I said in the (I hope) unlikely event of her being bitten to treat her.  

I collected more packing boxes from Michelle late this afternoon.  I also phoned AGL and confirmed the electricity meter number and connection at our new house.  Then I phoned ACTEWAGL here in Canberra to arrange the final meter reading for the house here.  Tomorrow I have to go to the bank to draw the bank cheque for the removalists.  

My brother came over tonight for dinner.  He and the boys returned from Melbourne last night.  He brought pizza, and we all ate on those steps.  Maxie's finally been able to spend some time outside.  He's had to stay inside far more because the little toad has worked out how to pull out of his harness.  I've been spending so much time packing that I can't watch him enough.

My back twinges and aches.  My neck is also very sore.  But I feel we are very close.  Tomorrow it is the horse gear in the shed that needs packing.  I need to organise the final sets of clothes to stay out.  I'd like to vacuum.  I also need to pack almost all of the pantry.  Am I a Melbourne Girl yet?  I'm very nearly there.. 

Pots of gold at the end of the rainbow????

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