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04 January 2014

Holding pattern

We are staying overnight at our friend's house tonight.  Samantha and Rod have become great friends.  Tilly and Jessica are firm best friends. Oscar is a sweetie.  They are all in the one bedroom. Heath is sleeping in with me, a dynamic I thought would work better.  He's happy too. 

Our truck will be half way to Melbourne.  My removalist guys have been so fabulous.  And my friend Brad..  My treasure, my darling.. He spent all day today on my move.  So did my wonderful brother.  Maxie is staying with Noelene across the road until Thursday.  I miss him already..  He heard me talking to Paddy near the road and started shouting for me to come and see him.  Poor baby.  The trucks had set off by then, so I was able to go across and see him. He's unsettled, and hadn't settled in as well as usual, and was all over me.  He calmed down later though.

We fly to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon.  Once we walk through the door I can really and truly say that I am a Melbourne Girl Now.....

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