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19 January 2014

How Much Driving?

I looked a little gloomily over Dan this morning when we were heading to the beach.  His front bumper keeps detaching and I have to clip it back on.  As I ran my eyes over him I scowled angrily at the large dint in his passenger side door.....  He didn't deserve that..  I also suspect his clutch is about to give out because when I do a hill start with him, especially here on the steep hill that my Mum lives on, his clutch smells terrible.  I'm trying to park him in areas where I put less pressure him as a result.  I'm worried about his clutch because Dan and I have to drive first down and then back up the dreaded Brown Mountain on Wednesday to collect the kids from Tathra.  Which leads me to the driving ahead of me.  It looks like this:

Drive some 300km back to Canberra.  Whoops a daisies....  I nearly said 'home' to Canberra...

Drive approximately 300km to Tathra.  Includes down v steep Brown Mountain.  I hate driving down mountains.  Does this make me a complete girl's blouse???  I am always worried we'll fall off...  Silly?  I guess so.  Turn around, drive approximately 300kms back to Canberra, this time going UP the awful Brown Mountain.  The only plus to going up the mountain is that mountains are harder to fall off when you're labouring uphill like I'm sure Dan will be.  Oh...  Did I mention that I hate the drive between Cooma and Canberra?  Ok, I hate it....

Drive approximately 800km from Canberra to our new home on the Peninsula.  Our lovely new home adds about 100km onto an already long trip.  It's a small price to pay.  I'm trying to work out how to get from the Hume Highway across to Eastlink.....  

Are you impressed or sympathetic?  Lyn is worried about me and worried about Dan..  We desperately need a new car.  He grows tireder and tireder...  Poor boy.

Maxie - looking like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, on the lovely new wooden floor in my Mum's house.  It makes for a nice photograph.  He spent some time outside in her garden this morning.

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