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20 January 2014

Go Away Drama..... I Don't LIKE YOU Anymore... OK????

I'm back at my Mum's house.  She's been admitted to the Stroke Ward at Royal Prince Albert Hospital.  It was nearly 8pm when I left.  I don't know the hospital and it has the most confusing exit on the planet!  Ok, so I was tired.  

I've spent all day surrounded by medical staff and beeping machines.  And answering emails and texts and making phone calls.   It started raining this afternoon and when I went out about 5pm to top up my meter I shivered in my summer dress and got cold and wet.  It was cold and wet when I returned to dear old Dan who'd waited patiently for me all day in the street.  I got in, and put my head in my hands, and cried and cried.  We haven't had to face serious problems with the health of our parents..  Actually, technically that's not true because Mum has had a few cancer scares and a burst appendix when I was the only one there.  But this one really frightened me. 

My mind spun back 12 months... And that made me bite my lip and wince.  When I finally felt ok to drive I put one of my favourite songs on called "Count on Me" because it's melodic and gentle. I'm not so sure it helped all that much.  Tom is coming to Sydney tomorrow.  I'm so glad that he is.  I felt terribly alone this evening.....  

I try to turn my mind to the positives.  I have such exciting things to work on in the coming months.  I'll go to the trials at Rosehill and that will be a good change from heart and blood pressure monitors.  Then I'll head straight in to see how Mum is doing.  I might have a couple of meetings tomorrow as well.  Like I said, there are some truly exciting projects I'm involved in.  They are RIGHT up my alley and that's a great thing.  How many places can I be in at one time???  Not nearly enough, it would seem......  Oh for a 2nd pair of hands that I could trust and rely on..

Fiorente..  They LOVE it... 

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