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12 January 2014

Breakfast by the Pool

It's Sunday morning.  I'm still on the Gold Coast and I've lost my voice.  I must have picked up whatever virus the kids have been unwell with.  So far (touch wood!!) it hasn't been nearly as hot as it was last year.  I'm staying at the Casino.  It's way too busy for me and is on the other side of the road.  This makes it more time consuming when I'm on a busy schedule to nick out to the shops.

However in a small triumph I visited the pool morning in anticipation of a sunny and therefore warmer day today.  Oh joy!!  You can order and eat brekky down here. It's actually a v gorgeous pool and a lovely morning, and eating down here is much nicer than eating in the crowded and busy buffet style restaurant. And I'm sure you've guessed that eating in that busy and noisy environment when I'm traveling  solo is well outside my comfort zone. 

As usual I also did my "oh goodness I'm suddenly starving" while I was in the water so brekky down here is sounding ace. I must get myself together and out some images out there from the past 2 days. The light at the track is pretty and it was a good albeit exhausting day. 

My brekky just arrived and it is yummy. Although you might smile and laugh at how quickly I had to get the UNORDERED disgusting looking mushrooms off my plate!!!!!!!  Another lady who's also traveling on her own did the same thing I did, stopping and asking me about the food ordering!  I have warned her about the yukky mushrooms. She's ordered eggs Benedict!  Damn!  I didn't even think about that!  The poached eggs are pretty good though!  Mushrooms...  They are the Devil's Work!!

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