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06 January 2014

Day 1: I have a phone number that begins with (03)....

I'm sitting in my new lounge of our new house.  Telstra came this morning to connect our phone and internet.  This is more than a little bit exciting because it means that my phone number now starts with (03)....  I'm feeling insanely pleased about my area code jumping up by that single little number.  I don't know how long it takes for Telstra's White Pages to reflect the change.  That will be another little landmark along the way.

I've spent most of the day so far unpacking and trying to work out what to put where.  This is not an easy job.  I"m short on some furniture and I'm not unpacking everything now obviously, because  we head back to Canberra tomorrow at midday to prepare to hand the old house over.

Here's a few little bits of trivia for you..  
  1. I can't find anything!
  2. Because the house is new is still smells vaguely of new paint.  My old house in Canberra was just that, old, but it had been freshly painted with new carpets when we moved in.  There's a distinct smell to new carpet and paint.  It's giving me the odd little flashback to a tricky little time in my life.
  3. The water seems to have a metallic taste to it.  I'm sure it isn't just my kettle and my teapot.  It's worse than the tea I was making in Canberra.  I have to do something about this.
  4. It took me over 30 mins to work my oven out this afternoon.  I'm reheating the remaining piece of chicken pie that we ate for dinner last night.  Lyn brought it for us and it was delicious.  I'm sure it didn't take my sister that long to work the oven out last night when she put it on.  Surprised??  I bet that you are not.
  5. I managed to tune the digital channels on the television and connect it all up.  Impressed??  I was!  The Foxtel man doesn't come until next week.
  6. The nice carpet cleaning people in Canberra phoned and the carpets are booked in to be cleaned in time for our final inspection.  
  7. The racing sections in the papers are full of Magic Millions news on the Gold Coast.  I fly out for the Gold Coast on Friday morning.  I'm excited about working up there for the 2nd year in a row.  Everyone who's anyone will be there and it's good to finally be able to take part in it.
  8. I need to buy a mop, a broom and some vacuum cleaner bags.  My tiles are light coloured and the marks on them are already bothering me.  I also need rubbish bags and a dustpan and brush.
  9. I feel a little bit back the front in this house, because the bedrooms go in the opposite direction.  As a result I'm feeling like I've been blindfolded and spun around.  A lot!
  10. I like being able to see my kids and the television when I am in the kitchen.  My kitchen and living area seem huge!
  11. The house seems odd without the little creamy bad ass cat bouncing around it.  He won't arrive here until we drive The Final Leg.
  12. Did I mention that I can't find anything???
  13. We're having dinner with my cousins tonight who are staying at my aunt and uncle's now quite large beach house in Shoreham.  My cousin and her young family are living in the house at the moment and the rest of the family still visit regularly as well.  Their presence in Shoreham was another factor in my decision to move to this area.

We are just home from our walk and scoot to the shops just around the corner from us.  I've bought a few cleaning supplies and am about to mop the floor.  I'm a little annoyed to move in and find the bin completely full because it makes it a little difficult given there is always moving in rubbish to go straight into the bin.  The garbage bin is little!  I'm trying to work out which day is rubbish collection day because it will need emptying!  On our walk up we saw a couple of kids out and about.  It made me swallow and realise that apart from my cousins and Lyn, we still don't know a single soul here!  Its a daunting and sobering thought that reminds that although we have made it across the border there is still a lot of work to do in order for us to re-establish our lives in a different city.  It's a big plunge.  It will be nice to catch up with all my cousins tonight.

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