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07 January 2014

Day 2: Back to Tidy up Loose Ends

We are back at Melbourne Airport. I need to hand the old house over then head to the Gold Coast and Magic Millions while the kids are at Tathra. The Coast should be fun. Do you wish you were coming too?  I'm looking forward to it, although its hard to leave our lovely new house when I want to get it set up properly. It will be good to get stuck into some work though and that search for a special image. I hope, as I am prone to do, that one of the babies I will photograph will go on to be as good as Pierro or Atlantic Jewel. 

The news is on at the airport because out plane is running late. They are  talking about wild weather in QLD. It has silly weather. It looks like it will not be as hot when I'm there though. Am I pleased about that??  You know that I am!!

And finally I checked my PO Box in Balnarring for the very first time thus morning. You'll be pleased to know I remembered the Box number correctly!  And when I opened it up?  There was a card waiting for me. I smiled as I opened it and read it. It is from my friend Susan. It was a  lovely thing to do..  I hope you like that it is on my fridge. 

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