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06 January 2014

Hopelessly Lost

At this point I wish I'd known the Burnley Tunnel was closed. How many UTurns????


We found our way through in the end after having to negotiate our way through the detour due to the closure of the Burnley Tunnel. There were some expletives being muttered under my breath that the notice saying the tunnel was closed came AFTER the exit for the Eastern Freeway which I'd debated taking anyway.  The weather was wild, both when the plane was landing which made the kids nervous, and on the way down to the Peninsula.  There were trees down over the road around the detour area (don't bother asking where, Batman something????) which slowed us down a little more.

When we arrived Lyn and my sister, et al, had been at the house for a couple of hours.  They had done a great job of unpacking my kitchen and Steve was working on the beds.  Lyn brought over a truly nice chicken pie.  I have to go and buy some cleaning things, as all my stuff is still in Canberra.  There were some chinks in the planning and packing but I'm sure that's not all that surprising.

It still feels like a big achievement.  It's late and I'm tired.  My brother FaceTimed me and that was fun.  I showed him around the house.  The kitchen made me the most excited!  This house is far roomier than the old one.  And infinitely nicer too.  I  think we will be very happy here. 

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