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15 January 2014

Films... And all things horses...

I've just put on a DVD to watch with my Mum at her house.  It's called "Quartet".  I saw it at the movies on 20 January last year.  An evilly hot week and time.  I went with my friend Tracy who took me out that night.  I remember tears pricking my eyes when 2 of the characters linked hands.  It's a great film.  I nearlybought the DVD a little while ago but then couldn't.  It has Billy Connelly and Maggie Smith in it as well as Michael Gambon. It's about retired musicians, broken hearts and ever lasting love.  With a great cast.

Speaking of films today we went to see "Saving Mr Banks".  Afterwards I wanted to speak in that fabulously earnest pompous tone that Emma Thompson used playing PL Travers!  She was so ace.. Tom Hanks...  oh goodness I'm in love with him.  I loved the film, every single moment of it.  Apart from wonderful acting they had the most wonderful use of light and landscapes.  Wonderful wonderful close ups.  Fantastic pan outs. 

Tomorrow I'm going to photograph the trials at Randwick.  Then I hope call in and see "Darmo".  It's just been announced that Fiorente won't be trialling and that's a shame but I've decided to go to the races at Randwick on Saturday where he'll be having an exhibition gallop.

I also began wasting time a little bit before dinner.  Instead of working on my Magic Millions picturesI started sifting through a website of equine themed jewellery.  Does this make you think I am hopelessly horse obsessed, and if so, do you find it off putting?  If it's any consolation, to balance the ledger somewhat before this I had spent a fair bit of time looking at filters I have put off buying for AGES because I've been saving up so hard to relocate us from Canberra to Melbourne.  That's real research, right????  But they were pretty...

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