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13 January 2014

A Poolside Friend

Here's a funny thing.  It's my last day today and I came down to the pool for a swim and breakfast. I remembered to say no mushrooms when I ordered my eggs. A girl needs eggs to start the day. While I was eating I got a start by a sudden sound on the chair next to me. Looked over to my right, and jumped off my chair!  

This is my friend. Are you surprised that I fed him some bacon. Probably not!!  He's not pretty, but I admire boldness in animals and people and this little buddy is no coward. He likes my bacon. Although if he jumps back up on my chair I'm out of here!!!  He keeps coming back, which has me wishing my proper camera wasn't back up in my room. And also makes me keep my feet up on the other chair!!

My voice is still husky and I'm coughing. Tash and I had a lovely dinner last night and I fly out at 5.40pm today. We were going to spend some time together today but she had to head back. I'm wondering if spending a little bit of time and money going shopping is being too extravagant. I haven't been shopping for myself in so long...

And on a final note it was pretty ace seeing the White Pages last night now reflecting the fact that we now live in Victoria.  It's a good feeling. 

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