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10 January 2014

Day 4: Handover

I was too busy, then too tired, to write yesterday. I am writing this at Sydney Airport before I fly to the Gold Coast. I was suddenly starving and am doing my best to now eat the suspicious looking and tasting thing trying to masquerade as an egg and bacon roll. It's terrible!!  I suspect my cup of tea will have to do. 

Yesterday I handed my old house in Canberra over. I don't live there anymore.  My lovely friend came and helped yet again. I wouldn't have made it without him. Heath was glued to his side helping him fix the screen door with the pop rivet gun.

We all had lunch, then I fueled Dan up. Brad reminded me to check his oil and water. Yes. I'd forgotten again and I bit my lip realising that his oil was almost empty too.  We picked Maxie up and tearfully said goodbye to Noelene.  I said goodbye to my kids for about 10 days too. After dropping them off poor Dan is sporting a large bruise on his door.  Then Maxie and I drove to Sydney. 

In arrival I dragged my remaining possessions that couldn't board the truck to Melbourne because I need them over the next fortnight. And repacked  my bag for the Gold Coast. This involved the usual tussle trying to work out how to get all my gear there including taking both my 300mm and 500mm lenses. I still think they produce better results than the 200-400mm zoom. Call me stubborn if you wish but I love these 2 lenses. I just don't like having to fly with them!

I did my best to lock him up at night but the little bad ass did a jail break. This is despite the heavy bag outside the door that was supposed to keep him in. 

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