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27 January 2014

Finally Home

We slide, or perhaps I should say staggered, in the front door of our new house just before 9pm. I was shattered after an 11 hour drive. There was some euphoria. Then all I felt was overwhelming tiredness and that confused feeling that comes with unpacking. No matter how carefully I pack it I can never find things easily at the other end. 

It is nice to finally climb into my own bed. I feel like I've been camping for so long. I forgot to buy milk and that sucked, because I'd been pretty excited about using my new teapot. I was too tired for wine so I tried to have a black tea instead. However tea without milk is The Devil's Work I've decided. 

Maxie seems to have settled. I've reluctantly put him in the laundry overnight though, because he will pace and prowl the house with all the windows open. 

I got rattled coming in to Melbourne. Was it because I was trying to find the quickest route from the Hume Freeway to Eastlink?  It probably wasn't. Apple maps took me along the Metropolitan Ring Road, then Greensborough Road, Lower Plenty Road, Bulleen Road and then finally onto Eastlink. The kids were tired and fractious by this stage, sick of the car. I grew tenser and more tired with every turn and every suburb sign. I was glad to finally reach Eastlink. Perhaps there is a better way....

There are unfamiliar sounds outside my window. No doubt it will take us a little while to get used to everything. I joked to Lyn on the way down that I was getting good at doing that Feline twist in the air to make sure I land on my feet. This is the biggest landing I've ever attempted though so I guess it is natural to feel daunted every now and again. 

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