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08 January 2014


There's only so much packing, cleaning, packing, unpacking and then cleaning that a girl can do before she feels dog tired and dead stiff and sore.  I have absolutely reached that point.  I lost track of time this evening, so when I looked at my iPhone I got a start to see it was 7pm.  We were supposed to be over at Tom's for a birthday dinner with Korben tonight.  There was a hurried throwing of things into the car, an apologetic text and off we went.

I got to see Maxie this afternoon and Noelene made me a cup of tea and gave me 2 chocolate biscuits.  I liked seeing my creamy little cat.  Noelene lent me her step ladder and her vacuum cleaner.  Her's is a truly sophisticated vacuum cleaner.  I have decided that some people take vacuuming far more seriously than I do.  I was pretty impressed with the job my little Electrolux does.  It was a gift from Tracy.  Noelene has a mean and impressive cleaner.  That has the water circulating  So my carpets are looking pretty ok I have to say before the carpet cleaners arrive tomorrow.

I've cleaned the bathroom, and my oven.  The stove top is cleaned too, as are all the cupboards.  The cobwebs are all done.  So are the windows.  I see that other photographers are already on the Gold Coast.  Friday is just the earliest I could get there this year though.  

I take a deep breath and tell myself it is time to get some sleep before the final inspection tomorrow.  I have to be on the road to Sydney tomorrow afternoon so I hope it isn't too late and feel slightly annoyed that they haven't given me a time. The kids head to Tathra on Saturday and to their Dad's house tomorrow.....

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