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16 January 2014

The Long Road

I've had a good day today.  I got up and went out to the trials at Randwick Racecourse and then after this I called in and spent several hours with my Picture Editor Jeff Darmanin.  I really enjoyed the afternoon.  It was fun and I learnt a lot.

However this evening I feel disappointed.  My new house that I was feeling so pleased about is turning into a hot box in the oppressive and evil heatwave that is holding Victoria, South Australia and NSW hostage.  I thought it would be so much better than the tiny dog box in Canberra because it is so new.  However the Foxtel man came on Tuesday and reported that it has no insulation.  I don't understand how this can be so with a house that is only 12 months old and I'm just so disappointed.  Of course it has no air conditioning and this makes the prospect of renting for another 12 months feel a little gloomier.

I'm trying to cheer myself up by telling myself that this 'hot box' costs $130 per week less than the last hot box and it's got 2 bathrooms and ceiling fans.  I'm also grimly and stubbornly saying to myself that I will make the next 12 months work and that this will indeed only be a 12 months lease, after which I will buy a house for us.  And when I do, I am bloody well either buying one that already has air conditioning or I am keeping enough money aside to put it in myself! 


  1. It does have a really good dishwasher though, which we are loving.

    1. Yes, that is v true Sis, v true... It is a far better kitchen! And hopefully we won't get too many more killer heatwaves like this down there.