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01 January 2014

4: Welcome 2014 - I'm so pleased to finally meet you...

2014 is a New Year for myself and my children.  We are embarking on a brave new world.  Many friends and family have said that we've shown great courage.  I'm not sure about courage, but I hope I've have faced it in my usual stubborn and determined fashion..  It both frightens and excites me... 

I am at the business end of our packing, which includes the fiddly bits.  You probably realise I'm not great at the fiddly bits... They make me go in circles.  The hardest decisions are what we have to leave out of the Truck to get through the next 3 weeks.  This also involves a calculation of the amount that will fit inside the Lovely Dan for the Final Leg and the Final Journey in mid January. It's tricky...  very tricky..

And I smiled, just now, when I checked my phone.  A message from my lovely friend Brad, who's helped us so much..   He wrote "Happy New Year princess"..  I haven't been called that for awhile.  It always used to make me feel nice.  Jessica comes in from outside, telling me it's raining..  I start and think to myself "what rug is Freelance wearing!!", before I remember that she's not here anymore..  I'm hardwired..

And the next message that came through made me burst into tears.. My sister has bought me a song on iTunes, to play on the way to Melbourne in a few days..  It's the theme from Black Beauty called "Galloping Home".  I am sure you will be completely unsurprised at how many times I've listened to that tune in my life, and how I used to sit glued to the television when it came on.  Not to mention how many times I read the original book.  I've downloaded it, but I will save it for the trip...  It will indeed feel like I am galloping home.

My friend Susan posted this on my Facebook Wall today.  Isn't it great? 

I've been having some fun conversations with a Facebook friend lately.  My spelling and grammar is not perfect.  I like to think it's not completely terrible though.

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