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19 January 2014

Staying Busy

I've done my best to stay busy today. I admit ever so guiltily that this has not involved a single bit of bookwork.  For the remainder of Saturday I was at the races at Randwick.  At the end of the day I had a really ace dinner with very good friends Hayley and David.  We went to the nicest restaurant in Alexandria called Vicinity.  I came home wanting to speak with a Scottish accent because both Hayley and Dave are gorgeously Scottish.  They are lovely friends whom I've made other important connections through.  Dave now works with Gai Waterhouse and Hayley with Graeme Begg.  They are talented, know their stuff and they are both very hard working. 

My Sunday began at 4.30am. I thought the sunrise would be good but there was nothing to it. It has ended up overcast today. Wonderful from a heat point of view. It buggered up my sunrise though!!  I did Fiorente and Carlton House in the pool.  There was hardly any light for Fiorente.  A little bit of a shame.  They swam about 20 minutes before the light was ideal.  Both horses have such charisma.  Carlton House looks at me imperiously and says "You there... Do you know who I am????  Take my photo!  I am the Queen's horse you know....."  A number of the beach images must be held back as there are a few sensitivities.  That's a shame.  They are great!  And it reminded me of how I used to ride my own horse when I was completely carefree and absolutely fearless....  I'll pop them up in my next post as there's a few too many in this one.

Later this morning when I arrived back from the pool and the beach my Mum and I went shopping in the City.  I find the City hopelessly confusing and disorienting.  I've never gotten any good at it.  Hopeless..  I am much better in Melbourne!  Despite this I came away from our shopping trip with a fabulous RED toaster!  It can't come out of the box until we arrive home which is now in Melbourne. I have a Iovely new bone china teapot and that was a v v v gd bargain which involved a little bit of price matching thanx to my savvy sister.  I also bought a new portable hard drive because I've already filled two drives completely this racing season. Ok, ok, I also stopped in at the special chocolate shop. You can't be good all the time......

Fiorente (left) and Carlton House (right) during their Exhibition Gallop at Royal Randwick yesterday

Woodbine (Hussonet - Miss Finland).  How lovely to see "Finny's" baby in the winner's circle.

My lovely new RED toaster for our new house, still in it's box.  Our new house isn't what I'd hoped because of the insulation issue.  I'm told they will have to correct the problem.  Our current toaster is crap though!
New...  Teapot!!!!!!!  It is really v Prettty!!!!!!
NO...  I did NOT buy this mug..  For goodness sakes!!! Who would buy this???!!!!!!!
Belle Fleur chocolates with a cup of tea?  If it is to be a glass of wine with the fancy chocolates I only have 3 glasses left..  A result of my clumsy efforts washing dishes.  I thought an extra box of glasses would have been too much to carry back on the bus.  What girl can resist high heels?  I can't.....

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