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23 January 2014

Fiddling away

Yesterday I spent the afternoon out at Chris Waller's stables concentrating on a couple of their stable stars Zoustar and Boban.  They are one of 10-12 horses I will be tracking this autumn behind the scenes and then of course on the racetrack.  I had a lovely play with Haylie and Lucy who are great girls.  They really got into our shoot.

The timing of my project beginning was perfect for me.  It has given me something to focus on and enjoy this week.  And I've needed this.  Late on Tuesday afternoon the excellent staff at RPA worked out that my Mum had not had a stroke after all and that the problem was in fact heart related.  They put a temporary pacemaker in that night and then last night the proper one was put in.   I can't begin to say how relieved we all were that it wasn't a stroke.  Somehow strokes seem intimidating.  They remind of things I'd rather not think about.  

So it was with some relief that I got up at 4.30am this morning to return to Rosehill for trackwork and to fiddle about with my stable stars at Chris Waller Racing.  I got off lightly because 'my boys' weren't being worked until 6am!  This is a far more civilised hour that also comes with enough light to make the early start worth the effort!  I know I shouldn't be thinking about the other things that trouble me, and what might have been, but this morning it was almost impossible not to.   I'm ok if I stay busy though.

This afternoon travelled back out west to Crown Lodge and Darley. My stable stars here are of course Guelph and Complacent got a guernsey as well.  He gets one more on potential at this stage although he has won a Group 1.  He's colty and difficult.  Guelph is officially the most adorable and lovable horse I've come across in ages.  It was hard not to fall in love with her.. Humble thanks to the Lovely Dizzy, who was such a superb photographer's aid.  I miss having my friend who reads and knows me so well, and who, aside from all the other nice things, knows instantly how I want the horse to stand and help with the props and the positioning of the pony I am fiddling with.  In the absence of this person it's super nice when a staff member instantly gets the benefit of getting it right and sees the fun side to it and doesn't get grouchy with me when I confuse my left from my right as I try to direct the horse to look right through my lens.

This is a little snapshot of the day's work.  Today of all days I felt good about being a photographer. Despite the 14 hour day.

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