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14 January 2014

Killing Time....

I'm back in Sydney for the next week or so.  I'll be staying at my Mum's house while I kill time waiting to be able to pick up my children and then set out on that Final Leg south to our new house and new life in Melbourne. 

There are several advantages to doing this. It gives me time to catch up on images and bookwork which I desperately need to do. It keeps me busy, and my mind therefore occupied, during the tricky little period between now and 23rd January that I have been dreading for some time.  And Sydney is escaping the evil heatwave that is currently holding Melbourne, Canberra and almost all of Victoria and NSW hostage.

Today I had a quiet day. My mum and I actually did a little bit of shopping in Balmain. I'm again trying not to feel guilty. I bought a really pretty and amazingly comfortable pair of sandals that are made in Germany. I have no nice summer footwear. Perhaps it is one of the reasons I've grown to dislike summer. In addition to this I found 3 really pretty and v cheap dresses. I don't typically spend much money on myself (really cool cameras don't count, they are work!!) and so when I do I instantly feel guilty. 

When we got back I set up my computer and tried to do some work. However I instantly felt tired so I went and had a sleep instead. I've been so busy with the move and work that it will probably take a littlewhile until I begin feeling a little better.

I've arranged with Gai to spend some time fiddling around her stable. She said she'd love me to do that. I'm going to play about with Fiorente. I will also go to the Inglis Sydney Classic Yearling Sale. Both of these little things will keep my mind off things I'd rather not think about between now and the 23rd. 

I'm also going to call in and visit one of my mates and editors, Jeff Darmanin. He's a great person and an amazing photographer. I'm excited about catching up with him. 

Maxie is pleased to see me. I feel like I've hardly seen him over the past week. He's been glued to my lap. I had to laugh when Mum told he did a successful jail break each night. Determined little bad ass. Isn't he??

I've also been watching the evil heat wave sweeping the country. Melbourne and Adelaide are being walloped. Being whacked is no fun. Balnarring got hot today but is faring much better than poor old Melbourne. Importantly it is cooling down far better at night. My sister and her family are minding my house and having a beach holiday at the same time. Disappointingly the Foxtel man reported that my lovely and brand new house apparently has no insulation.  They never put that on the property reports, and for a new house that you would think would be environmentally conscious, that's pretty disappointing really.  It's coping ok though compared to what I am used to.  Canberra is 2-3 degrees cooler than Melbourne but is in for a relentlessly hot week and weekend. Have I made the right decisions lately?  Yes... I think I definitely have.

One of my brazen little pool side buddies on the Gold Coast.  I had my camera bag with me yesterday afternoon by the pool while waiting for my car to come and collect me.

New swimmers on the Gold Coast.  Trying not to feel guilty about buying them.
Maxie always settles in well when we stay in Sydney
New dresses.  Dead cheap.  V pretty.... V pleased....

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