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31 January 2014

Settling in

We are beginning to feel like we are settling in.  The kids are completing their 3rd day at their lovely new school which just seems exceptional.  They are enjoying it and have made some new friends.  I am incredibly relieved by this.  Their teachers are both great, Heath's in particular who as usual I have more call to be involved with because of his special needs.

I've started meeting some of the other parents.  That is really great for us and for us to settle in to the school and local community.  A number of them invited me along to have coffee with them this morning.  I enjoyed it so much.  This appears to be an area filled with great people.  Mostly they are the parents from Grade 3.  The parents from Grade 6 don't appear to turn up to school as many of the local kids ride their bikes there.  We are a short drive down the highway so that's absolutely not an option for us.  It makes me feel impatient to get our own house properly though.  One step at a time though.  Heath commented slightly downcast yesterday afternoon that I haven't made friends with any of his friends' parents so I need to work on this.  It's a gradual process anyway.  

Yesterday I made my first trip out to the Cranbourne Training Centre.  It was a lot of fun.  I was just fiddling away but I enjoyed it greatly.  Next week I need to explore the options for photoshoots at Flemington and Caulfield pool in the afternoons.  They are fun and will fit in with the school pickup too so I'm pleased about that.  I saw my friend "Petchy" (Colleen Petch, a wonderful photographer from the Herald Sun).  She greeted me with "Hello Local", which felt good.  And I saw Matt Stewart, a racing journo from the Herald Sun.  We had a chat about my move.  He's visited the area lately and said his kids said this was the best place in the world and they wanted to move here!  It's a good little spot to be.

Today is cooler and I'm enjoying that.  I'm catching up on work and on housework.  There are certain chores that are much easier and practical on a cooler day and I'm very pleased about that...............

Earthquake and her strapper who's name alas and woe I did not find out!

Earthquake.  It has to be said that these gorgeous bay Exceed and Excel fillies are cuddly things.  There's a lot to like about her.
Earthquake and More Radiant

I saw my friend "Petchy", Colleen Petch from the Herald Sun.  She welcomed me with "Hello Local!!!!".  It feels good.

Be still my beating heart...  Could you blame me for taking these?  This is Grace.  She is the best buddy and companion for Soldier's Opera.  Gorgeous!

Rosello.  He's stunning.  He might end up being my horse when he's finished as a racehorse.

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