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08 January 2014

Day 3: Cleaning.. and aching..

I'm back at the old house in Canberra.  I ache all over.  Cleaning..  there's not a lot to recommend it (aside from the sparkly clean house at the end of it obviously!).  I've just finished the bathroom, shower and toilet.  I've taught myself how to take the seat off the toilet.  Definitely a boy's job if you live in shared accommodation.  It's a truly appalling task.  

There's so many little flouro spots in the bathroom.  They are a byproduct of Heath's potion making.  Every time I found another spot I muttered in increasingly darker tones "toad"..  It sort of went "toad...".  "oh you warty toad"...  "oh you warty warty terrible toad"..  A bit like that.  My hands and wrists are aching.  I have sprayed the oven and still have to wipe it out and the cupboards.  I don't have a ladder and this is making me look dubiously at the floor to wall mirror in my old bedroom.  They were good closets.  I sigh slightly and feel downcast for a moment.

My friend Natasha just sent me a text message.  She's already arrived on the Gold Coast.  So has almost everybody else.  I will be late there because of the move, the clean and my kids.  I won't complain because it's not as if I am not going.

Maxie is across the road at Noelene's house.  We wanted to say hello to him but she's not at home so far.  He heard Dan drive up and everytime we venture outside he's been shouting at us, telling us he's in the wrong house and to please come and see him.

Tonight we are going to Tom's house for dinner to see Tom and the boys.  It's Korben's 6th birthday today.  I've bought him a Spiderman costume.  He loves dressing up.  It will be good to see them.

Missing Freelance already.  I can't help myself.

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