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03 January 2014

2: Will I have enough boxes??????????????????

Here's a little bit of trivia.  It is 6pm...  Friday 3 January 2014.  I like writing 2014 at the end of the date!!  A lot!!  I'm trying to tackle the last minute things.  My desk is all but packed.  The kitchen seems to be 8/10ths packed.  I tackled it this morning with ABBA blaring loudly.  Which reminds me..  I need to remember to keep some space in one of the final boxes for the Sony Bluetooth speaker that works so well. 

I went out to the bank and got the bank cheque for the removalists.  Ron phoned this morning and we talked through the last minute things.  He also answered some of the questions I had so that was good to get those sorted.  He's really ace.

I thought we were headed for disaster this morning when I received an urgent text message from AGL.  I wasn't long up, I'm really tired, and they said that the electricity hadn't been connected because the main switch wasn't turned to "off".  You're right.  I freaked out ever so slightly.  Trying to work out how I could possibly explain having no power, and therefore no lights, to my children on their first night in their new home.  I'm sorry to say that it actually made me teary and feel ever so slightly hysterical.  Are you shaking your head in disdain, or sympathy?  Doing it all from 750km away is hard!  The Real Estate agent went and turned the switch off which was good of her.  We don't know why it was left 'on'.  She was sure she had turned it off.  I guess it will be one of those unsolved mysteries.   The nice man from AGL arranged a call back (at a cost of $45 - I am not sure who should pay this but am sure I don't have the energy to fight about it!) and I received a text message to say the electricity has gone on successfully.  I hope when we flick the switch it all works!

My back is killing me yet again.  Ron (the nice removalist) said I sounded exhausted on the phone this morning.  My house is so hot.  It's 31 degrees outside and 30 degrees inside.  Hopeless, right???  It actually got to 36 degrees here in Canberra today.  We've had a relentlessly hot week without a single cool change since the lovely cool day on Christmas Day.  I'm sure you can tell how much I have enjoyed packing in the hothouse that is Preston Street...

I've packed the kids things for their period at Tathra.  I've packed my things that will stay out and here while we go to Melbourne, so that I have the things I need for the Gold Coast and the week or so after that until I collect the kids from Tathra.   Every now and again I find myself missing the camping holiday and those times.  I hope they have a good time.  I will do my very best not to worry about them.  But as you know I am not brilliant at not worrying at those sorts of things.

I've put my camera batteries on charge as that's one less thing I have to remember about.  I'm trying to decide whether I ought to take a camera with us for the Melbourne trip.   I'm sure I won't be able to bring myself to leave it behind though.  My mind does mental calculations of the shrinking number of boxes available to me and the space I have in Dan for the Final Leg.  Please please, don't let me $#@k it up!

I still haven't packed my horse gear in the shed.  This makes me curse slightly.  And remember that I have a final load of washing to go on the line.  I groan ever so slightly and prepare to stand up, remembering that I have to stretch my back carefully as I do so.  Every muscle in my back and shoulders is aching and I won't go in to how sore my neck is.  Moving house.  What a big job.  But what a WONDERFUL job it is.  It's a new life and a new beginning.  There's no looking back now...

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