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24 January 2014

Funny Things

Today I took the day off.  I did start having idle thoughts about heading to the pool and/or beach to see who popped up before my lens.  However I felt tired and a little flat (and ever so slightly miserable!), so I ended up just working on images then doing some groceries for Mum.

When I went out for the groceries I stopped in to JB HiFi in Leichardt because I needed to buy yet another portable hard drive so that I can send images through to the client. 

My little expedition to the shopping centre that I've mostly only visited as a passenger with my Mum in a region reminded me of what lies ahead. I still haven't explored Mornington, Hastings or Rosebud, and its surrounding areas at all apart.  Ok, so I've had a couple of very trips in with Lyn, and another friend.  However this was a while ago and its very different when you're driven to unfamiliar places as a passenger (not all that common for me, I seem to spend a lot of time behind the wheel!), instead of taking myself to these unfamiliar places under my own steam in the company of my ever faithful Dan.  It's when I begin doing this that I get disoriented, and get my lefts and rights well and truly mixed up.  I also have trouble deciphering the map and want to turn it upside down and back the front.  Apple Maps is good, but I often wonder until I work it out inside my own head I don't really have any sense of my bearings and that's when I have that disgusting "I've been turned in circles blinded" feeling!

While I was in JB HiFi the girl serving me asked whether I was wearing perfume. I looked up, surprised, smiled and answered yes I was. She asked me which one I was wearing.  I've only ever worn one perfume, discovering Guerlain's "Samsara" when I was about 22 years old.  My Dad buys me a new bottle whenever he goes overseas.  It made me think inwardly about things said before, and about how important the sensory signals are to us.  

Our senses are so important to our emotions, to how we feel and what we remember, and the emotions that certain sights, sounds and smells evoke.  It is one of the reasons I strongly believe in the power of the still image, just as I believe in the power of music and of the power of scent.  What events and people do certain scents  recall for you?  Are you like me?  Does the smell of freshly cut grass remind you of school athletics carnivals?  Does the smell of a horse's bridle, or the smell of a feed room remind you of a certain horse.  Does a certain perfume or aftershave remind you of certain people?  And can this, or a song, instantly bring a smile to your face, or make your eyes suddenly prickle with tears? 

And what of the still image?  Do you have the image of a person or horse, or child, burned into your mind?  And is this one of the methods you use to recall an individual forever?  I know I do, and I'm sure that I am not unique here.........

The beautiful Guelph, with Darley's Foreperson Victoria "Dizzy" Appleby.  What a wonderful assistant Dizzy was.  She so got it.  Not everybody does. 
Guelph ponders the sandroll
Deliriously beautiful.  I hugged and hugged her.  She is the most gorgeously affectionate racehorse I've come across lately.  They all adore her.
Ghibellines - Guelph's little half brother (by Shamardal).  I was expecting trouble and antics from this powerful colt after watching his antics at the Trials.  He was perfectly behaved though.  Good boy....

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