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24 May 2013

Who wants to know if the new computer is working?????????

I suppose the title of this post might have gotten your hopes up?  Want to hear the latest on the Great Computer Debacle?? 

Well, it goes like this.....

1) Stupid thunderbolt computer-to-computer migration freezes overnight
2) Force quit said stupid computer-to-computer migration
3) Trick Time Machine into successfully backing up the old-new computer
4) Migrate contents of Time Machine onto new new computer
5) Wait for The Lovely David From Apple to phone
6) In the meantime take Jessica horse riding - highlight of my day (pics to follow), and finally nail Grant Hughes and have my next showjumping lesson booked for next week.
7) Come home, start cooking dinner
8) The Lovely David phones
9) We do the tests of the migration.  Mail refuses to open under my Bronwen Healy account
10) Create new Account
11) Delete all of the possible causes that could mean it is related to a user account
12) Attempt to open mail in the new test user account
13) Mail refuses to talk to me and quits immediately
14) I hang my head in despair
15) The Lovely David says it is not user related, there is corrupt data
16) We erase the hard drive on the new new computer
17) Reinstall the Mac Operating System.
18) The Lovely David phones back, it's still going.  He says let it install, but we don't migrate anything, and then asks me when it's done to try to open mail.  He says goodnight and will talk to me on Monday.
19) Operating System installs successfully
20) I follow all the prompts.  No migration has been done.  All I do is accept the setting up of iCloud
21) Open Mail
22) I receive another "I hate you" from Mail, which then quits...  again...
23) I tell Mail I hate it back
24) For good measure, I tell Mail that I really, really, hate it back
25) Sit and reflect in frustration
26) Tom, over for dinner with the boys, comments that perhaps the "bling" has gone out of the new computer, and we talk about it
27) I think that iCloud is the only thing that is consistently present, and wonder if The Lovely David will think that perhaps the problem is coming from iCloud, or an email account in iCloud??????
28) Shut new - new computer, again, in disgust...
29) Deal with nasty hypo that Heath throws in for good measure.   His new fangled blood glucose meter decides that this is the exact moment that it's battery should die.  Stupid meter gives no warning that batteries about to die.
30) Search for new batteries through camera bags
31) Err on the side of caution and give Heath 2 juices
32) Finally find batteries and get test meter working.  Sugars recovering, so is he
33) I feel shattered.....

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