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13 May 2013

Signing stamps

This was a new experience for me.  Australia Post asked me to participate in the Designer Gallery for the Black Caviar stamp release.  It's where stamp collectors and general fans of the Famous Pony came to buy their stamps, and then have their stamp packs signed by the photographer and the designer.  Amazing..... I think my signature got worse, not better, as the afternoon went on.  Sorry about that.

And on the subject of these very beautiful stamps, I got the following text message from Aunty this afternoon.  It was a lovely, unprompted, message that made me smile....
"Your proud aunty is at the Exhibition Building at Aust Post World Stamp Expo and I have just bought your Black Caviar stamps and book.  So proud of you..  I told a lot of people there that the photos were by my niece..  Anne x".
She'd also sent me a similar text message when she spotted my Gai Waterhouse-John Singleton image on the front page of the Herald Sun a couple of weeks ago.  The Heffernan family like their sport, and she'd come to see Black Caviar's final Victorian race at Moonee Valley, calling out to me in the crowd.  She's great fun and she said later she was so happy to have seen the champion race.  After a very nice conversation with the Head of Vision from the paper today, I hope I'll give her more reason to smile this week.

Cheree, a follower of the Famous Pony through the Bronwen Healy Photography Page came up and found me, and said hello.  We had a photo together.

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