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05 May 2013

Much ado about nothing.

It's Sunday evening.  Freelance is again rugged up against the cold, with Canberra going down to -1 again tonight (after almost -4 last night).  By the time we got to the paddock tonight she already felt cold underneath her light cotton rug I'd popped on her during the day.  

I'm doing my best to get back into my 'horsey' routine, because it makes me feel better inside.  I spent some time with her this morning while I refilled her water trough.  My warty toads had decided last night (unbeknownst to me!) that it would be great fun to fill her trough up with mud!  Toads!  I took her nighttime rug off, and then glared at her mane, which was long and untidy.  And so I then spent about 15 minutes pulling it, and her mane looked a lot better by the time I finished.  If we had warm water I'd take her up the top and give her a shampoo with her lovely Black Caviar products that we have as a result from my photographs of the Famous Pony on the bottles.  But we don't have such luxuries, so she'll go dirty for a while now.

I seem to have spent most of the weekend on domestics, and have achieved very few of the work tasks I had hoped to get through.  Jessica had been given what seemed to me a pretty steep homework task, creating a diorama of an 'olden day' room.  And that seems to have taken up a fair bit of the weekend.

I did hear, through friends, family and by chance, that my Gai Waterhouse image was run in print another 3 times today.  In the Courier Mail in QLD, the Herald Sun in Melbourne, and the Weekend Australian.  

I have to apologise to my Bronwen Healy Photography Facebook followers.  I've not kept the page terribly up to date this past week.  I'm finding Facebook disheartening at the moment, so this has made me reluctant to be on or very active.  However I've gradually been getting the new website updated and so images have either been going up on this Blog or on the website.

I've got a busy evening ahead, and so we got some takeaway tonight for dinner. I've booked my flights for Melbourne this weekend.  I'll provide more details about the launch this week when I'm able.  There's some followers of a certain horse that might just be a little bit interested.

Maxie on the window sill next to my computer this morning. Heath put a cushion up there for him.  He thought it was pretty good.

Am I missing the Famous Pony, and all that goes with her, today?  Yes I am....  There are days when I wish with all my might I could turn back the clock.

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