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08 May 2013

The Great Scanner Problem

I'm still struggling with the issue of how to get my Nikon LS5000 scanner talking to my computer.  It's very frustrating.  In desperation I've sent an email off to Nikon to ask them.  Some of my wildly urgent tasks include having to pull images together, and it's going to have to include some old negatives.  I don't know whether the scanner has the issue or if it is software related.  It has to be said that I hate not knowing the answer to a problem. On the old machine I could get the software to load, but when I connected the scanner there was just nothing, no scanner detected.  

Now when I try to open NikonScan4 on the lovely new machine, I get this message.  It comes with a smiley Mac face.  It doesn't make me want to smile back at the little icon.  It makes me scowl, and mutter things under my breath....
"You can't open the application 'NikonScan4' because PowerPC applications are no longer supported".
So my negatives are still being held hostage, and my $3,000 film scanner is still sitting gathering dust in my cupboard!  The answer might be a cheap Windows machine, and that is annoying the heck out of me!

Back to bookwork..  groan..  And when I come across one from NorthLAND Shopping Centre my mind still wants to call it NorthLANDS. 

Postscript:  I've had a response from Nikon!  They no longer produce their NikonScan software, but have advised me of a replacement software that should work.  I am now looking at the clock, and counting down the minutes until I will be home to see if it will work!  As ever, the moment I think I want to move on something, especially after it's been in my 'too hard tray' for a little while, I feel impossibly impatient to now do something about it!

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