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29 May 2013

The big brick wall..

Today started off ok.  But it doesn't feel like it's ending so well, and I'm feeling ever so slightly a misery this afternoon.  I've made a cup of tea, but am at least drinking it at my desk. 

First and foremost the computer is worrying me greatly.  It's just refusing to be fixed.  I'm again waiting for Apple to phone back.  I've put in another couple of calls, and I feel like I'm getting nowhere fast. During the last conversation he was all concerned that Mail was still crashing after wiping the hard drive and not doing another migration.  By the way, I still hate you back Mail.  Although I'm wondering whether I should begin apologising and tell it that I actually do really really like it, in the hope that being stupidly nice to it will make it stop being horrible???  But I end up with these little windows of time in which to do something about the problem, and I'm mid-window now, and my window is ticking away because Heath has soccer training, and the Lovely David hasn't phoned me back yet!!!!  The truly ace Craig at DesignWyse phoned this morning, and was nice about the problems, but I can feel that he needs it resolved as quickly as I do. 

In addition to this, I was deep etching the complicated 3 chair photograph. And I thought I had it all done right.  Yet this is what it looks like..    I can't see anywhere that I've made this stray path, but when I do the "Make Selection" command, it appears, a little offshoot of what I thought was clever deep etching.  And I can't make it appear, in order to delete it.  And no, I don't know how to fix it, apart from deleting all the clever marking out of the path, and starting again, or cloning it out in the etched version, which took me ages to do, because I am currently slow at this.  I probably can't even explain it properly!

Heath is pacing the house, because we are looking for a lost Clone Trooper helmet (it's a Lego thing, I shrug my shoulders helplessly), which I dutifully picked up and put on the table I thought instead of vacuuming it up like I was entitled to do because it was left on the floor.  But now of course we can't find it, making me suspicious that it's become a play thing for the Bad Ass during the day.  This is in addition to chewing on cardboard boxes.  I know, I know, he's probably bored...

On a brighter note I did finally get some overdue prints that I got done for some really lovely friends into the mail, the lovely Gaynor at the Herald Sun sent me through my PDFs this afternoon, and I've seen the proof/draft of the Arrowfield Stallion Brochure and it looks amazing. And my house is momentarily cleaner because I did some housework and other housekeeping tasks this morning before work.  Although between the 2 kids and the Bad Ass Cat, it's a constant struggle to keep it looking ok. 


David from Apple did phone back finally.  The computer is now finally reinstalling the Operating System (for the 2nd time).  It's still showing about 3 hours to go.  I am hoping desperately that it gets resolved, and that it doesn't need to be referred to Engineering......

My unsuccessful deep etching job.  So frustrating..

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