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17 May 2013

Facebook Updates

I'm currently not spending a lot of time on Facebook, so some readers who also follow the Bronwen Healy Photography Facebook Page may have noticed this.  There's a few reasons for this.  I won't go in to all of them, but one of them is that Facebook for racing industry photographers seems to be being frowned upon.  I don't understand the rationale for this, but until the situation is resolved, there won't be as much happening on it.  I will endevaour to remember to share Blog Posts on the Facebook page, which will give a direct link back to the Blog and the story/images involved, and which I can do remotely as well.  I hope that this will work for regular visitors to the Facebook Page.

All Too Hard is apparently settling in well to his new home at Vinery Stud in Scone.  I'll be looking forward to seeing him again, and to capturing some really terrific paddock imagery of him this coming Spring.
Vinery Stud's ad for All Too Hard. 

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