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23 May 2013

The Silver Coins

Our silver proof Black Caviar coins arrived today.  I was getting worried we wouldn't get any, as they are sold out.  But the Royal Australian Mint were great and today sent me the 3 coins they had promised me.  One for me, one for Heath and one for Jessica.  If I was Darryl Kerrigan, from "The Castle", I would say that they were going straight to the Pool Room.....  They are beautifully produced.

My computer is still being problematic.  No word from Apple in a couple of days, which is out of the ordinary as he was getting back to me really promptly.  I've left messages, but he hasn't rung back.  Now the brand new Time Machine disk isn't working, it keeps saying 'looking for backup disk.....'.  I want to point at it, and say 'it's right there, see, right there?????', but I suspect that won't help.  

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