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25 May 2013

Depreciation and Assets

Depreciation...   Assets...   Motor Vehicles....  goodness, but these make my head hurt.  The using of them is far more fun than trying to work out the accounting side of it.  And to think, that when I was fresh faced and 18 years of age and trying to work out which university course to enrol in I chose a Commerce Degree!!!!!  What was a thinking!!!!  I think I had no idea that a commerce degree involved accounting.  I didn't ever go, just as well, I'd have been bored stupid and never gotten through it.  I deferred my place and went working instead, and then eventually went back to University as a 25 year old and studied Political Science in a Bachelor of Arts...  See, my Dad did a science and a law degree (probably 2 law degrees actually..), and he probably thought commerce would be a good and sensible degree to do.  I'm sure that's true.  But NOT for this little black duck!!!!!!!  And of course the commerce degree would have been a complete horseless desert....  My life is happily not a horseless desert now.  There are times when other parts of it feels more than a little bit desert like, but not because of the horses.

Sort of counting on unbeaten mare Atlantic Jewel being able to make a successful comeback this spring.

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