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21 May 2013

Dan. Living to fight another day.

Thank heavens for the humble tow bar. My beloved and trusty Dan lives to fight another day. We were rear ended this morning on the way to school. I'm not quite ready to give up this precious car who has worked so hard for me. I look at his Speedo-Counter-Thingy. 339,985 kms. We are not in a position to think new cars at present. He must keep going. Which reminds me that his service is again overdue. And that I haven't checked his oil and water for a little while.  Not to mention his tyres. My standards are slipping.

My first reaction was "damn now we will miss the bell!", then "oh no, my Dan" so it was a nice change that luck smiled on us this morning.

Before and after the hiccup we were playing ABBA over Dan's crackly speakers. Heath asked me what the song "The Name of the Game" was about. I tried to explain while listening to the lyrics, "your smile and the sound of your voice". They seem too little though to be given the lecture "but rely on yourself not someone else to make you happy".

I'm feeling a little triumphant this morning. My late scanning session did indeed yield some treasures. And that's a good thing.

And yes. That's my Dan behind the horse being led about in the carpark. He was in the company of greatness. You won't need 3 guesses to work our which horse it was. And was I consciously shooting so to get my truly ace car in the background. Well, yes, I was.

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