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30 May 2013


I slept badly last night.  Lots of bad dreams.  I hate nights like that.  I have a photoshoot to do for Evan today.  A drinks trolley, and another sort of hall table.  I'm getting tired of doing it without proper lights, and really need to press the button on buying some stands and hood thingies for my flashes (a soft box is I'm sure the technical term).  I'm operating a bit blind, in sizes and brands.  So I"ll have to give it some thought.  I'm hoping a friend might help with some advice too.  But I'm a bit tired of trying to produce good work when I know I'm not set up correctly yet.

And now that I'm looking at the site, I have to admit that I'm confused....Is it a bad thing to admit that there are some gaps in my repertoire? I don't think so. I think photography at its finest is like working with horses. There are always new things to learn and new joys to discover. 

I hope that the Lovely David from Apple will also phone at a good time, and we can migrate what files I need to have, and get my applications reinstalled as well.  It's not the smooth and seamless process I was hoping for.  And of course now, in the move, I can't find the DVD for MYOB either.

Heath is also still desperately awaiting the arrival of his "Captain Rex" Lego mini figure.  We finally got an email back from the guy, he says sometime before next Friday...  This has of course brought on a string of questions from Heath..  'when does the post arrive, how long will it take, will it arrive today, will it arrive before I go to school??'....  In fact, I had to call out to him and ask 'are you ok' as he lay on the heater vent.  And he just moaned 'Captain Rex........'  Poor little bugger.  I agree Heath..  Waiting sux..  There's NOTHING to recommend it!

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