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26 May 2013

Trying to fix things up

It's a natural tendency when you decide that you need to fix the things that aren't working in your life that you want to fix them all up, at once.  Well, that's how my mind wants to tackle things.  Unfortunately this can make the obstacles feel insurmountable, and can lead me to want to put things off.  However, once I snap, and decide something has to be done, I want to fix it, and fix it straight away.  And having to wait for the outcome to take place or be resolved is difficult.  I'm renowned for being low on patience.  I hate waiting.  

I currently have a number of important things 'on the burner', but some of them will take a little while to work through. And I'm finding this hard.  Take my bookwork for example.  I'm no accounting genius, and I'm trying to do it myself because accountants are expensive.  I can intepret what I think I need to do, but if I'm doing it incorrectly I'm making a lot of work for myself to fix it all up again!  My friend Fenella is good at bookwork and at MYOB, but she's frantically busy.  I have another friend who's offered to help, so I can feel an email coming up, just so that I can check I'm doing it right.  Hopefully without also appearing to be hopelessly dim!

I am trying to tackle the issue, concurrently, of completing my tax returns, and working out where my business is sitting, sorting out my computer problems, and finally fixing the shambles that my hard drives have fallen in to, and finishing the work I need to get out.   Not to mention the usual domestic duties that always need doing.  The help that the Lovely David at Apple has helped with the hard drives, because he showed me how to partition the disk, so I did that with the 2 disks that I'm now using as my large backup storages.  My brother Tom and I are investigating some proper backup/storage solutions, and I can't even remember what they are called, but it looks the way to go.  Unfortunately for me, because much of the technology is double dutch to me I'm operating a bit blind, but Tom's good at this sort of stuff and is guiding me.  Data storage is the clear downside to shooting RAW.  These are large files.  And there's more and more of them.  My photoshoots are getting larger, and take up more space.  I used to shoot about 1TB per season.  The 2012-2013 season is up around the 4TB mark though.  This will come down, once I can get the time to do the deleting and culling of the shots I don't want to keep.  

I have a big copy going on in the background now, from a hard drive that's been giving me a very shouty "I'm failing, please copy the files to a new destination!!!!!!!!!!!" message.  Touch wood it will work ok and it will be a big weight off my shoulders once it's finished.  I'd talked about tackling this problem about 6 months ago but that all fell right off the rails.  The copy says it will take most of the day, and I hope that it won't fall over.  It's currently progressing terribly slowly, but is still ticking over.

As always I worry whether I have I interpreted things correctly?  Am I doing the right thing?  Did I interpret a pretty clear message correctly, and will this makes things better or worse?  I shouldn't be having a jumping lesson tomorrow morning because of the bookwork that needs handing in tomorrow.  But I need it.  Perhaps I'm having a little "I miss Nelly" phase, but I need a little "pick me up" so tomorrow I'll put myself in front of the bookwork.  

Perhaps this is why this morning I am feeling gloomy. It's foggy this morning, and we went down to almost -5 last night.  It's almost midday, and the temperature isn't above 5 degrees yet.


I've written a few times about the many relationships that have grown with the juggernaut that was Black Caviar. Obviously not all are destined to survive. Personally I like to hope for the best with my own friendships. Both past and present. That's all I can hope for. I suppose what it all comes down to is deciding what and who we want in our lives and then how we go about making it so. We either want them in our lives. Or we don't. It's as simple as that.

And so it was lovely to get a text message just now from that clever friend who can help me with the mystery that is my bookwork!!

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