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12 May 2013

All Stamped Out... and a Happy Mother's Day

I've just arrived back at Tullamarine Airport, and am killing a little bit of time before boarding my flight home to Canberra.  It's been a very busy and really wonderful 3 days.  My little girl Jessica phoned me up this morning, of her own accord she said, to say she loved me and to wish me Happy Mother's Day.  I'll be back with her and Heath about 5pm today, and we're going to have a Mother's Day dinner this evening with my brother and my nephews, and that will be really ace.

I've been at the Stamp Expo for most of yesterday and a fair bit of today.  I picked up one of my nephews, and my son, a lovely stamp sheet/booklet from The Hobbit which looks gorgeous (well, ordered, they were out of stock).  And I've been signing people's Black Caviar stamps, envelopes and coin sets today, with the stamp designer David Cain and the great set of people who work at Australia Post.  They gave me a lovely bottle of wine to say thank you, I was touched by that.  Lynette Traynor at Aus Post, who is a stamp designer herself, has done a wonderful job of pulling it all together with the rest of their team.  It's a special thing to be involved, and again, as always, I'm overcome for the love and affection for Black Caviar herself.  And to me, that's the most special part of it all.

My Dad Terry, and a very special friend to me in Lyn Beaumont, came to the launch yesterday.  And we all had coffee with the Famous Pony's owners, who have all become friends, and naturally the conversation revolved around a horse.  And what's not to love about a conversation about a horse!  Channel 10 News interviewed me.  I didn't see it (News starting at 5pm!!!! caught me by surprise) so I don't know if it made the News Bulletin and although Channel 7 or 9 filmed it as well I didn't see the stamp launch.  I have to admit I was scared stiff about being interviewed, it made my heart race.  I am better behind the camera than in front of it, it was terrifying!

The most special part of the weekend though was clearly the photo shoot with Peter Moody and his Little Girl.  I was touched by those images.  Look for them this week in the newspapers, as there's a reasonable chance that they will get a run.  I think that they are very special.

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