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18 May 2013

Giving up in disgust for today. Rounds 1 and 2 to the Computer.

I thought that The Great Mail Dilemma was almost solved.  However today, when the lovely David from Apple phoned to try to finish it all up, we suddenly ended up back at square one.  Three hours on the phone.  Nothing achieved.  The old computer may have had corrupted date on it, and there's a complicated process on Monday to try to re migrate to the brand brand new one.  Hopefully the lovely Craig at Designwyse won't hate me utterly as I try to sort this out.  He's been completely ace, as has the lovely David at Apple.  

I have to admit that this, on top of the broken curtain rail I discovered this morning thanx to my complete and utter little Bad Ass Kitteh Maxie, made me feel like sitting on the little stool in my kitchen with a cup of tea.  My computer screen looks all upside down and back the front, as we took all the preferences out, so now it seems foreign and I can't find things.  I finally managed to at least do the one thing that makes me feel ok sitting in front of the computer, and that's to put 2 new lovely photos of Nelly on each desktop.  One winning her final race, the TJ Smith Stakes, and one swimming in the pool the day before.  My kitchen stool beckons invitingly, but there's a birthday party to organise and face the music for, as well as a soccer game this afternoon.  I can tell that the old computer isn't going to go down without a fight....

There are times when it's not just the fabulous Kimmy at CSIRO who I miss so badly.  Amongst other things, my computer and other issues would get sorted with a smile, and I'd be told it would all work out fine...

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