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04 May 2013

First Game

Heaths first game of soccer starts soon. He is in a new team after they decided he couldn't stay in the old team he's been in ever since he started playing.

They told me at the last moment. After we had already begin training with his old team and the team had been confirmed. And I didnt have much say in the decision. They thought that he wasn't going to be good enough for his old team. I would have preferred to see how he went, but we will make the best of it. He wasn't as physically gifted as the other boys in his old team. He lacks self confidence and gets very down on himself when he makes a mistake which doesn't help him improve.

He is nervous. He doesn't know anyone. There were tears this morning because of that. And he gets so defensive when he is nervous. But they are warming up now and almost ready to start. So far he's going ok. But he lacks confidence.

I haven't brought the camera along. I don't know any of the parents yet and I feel safer when I have a camera to hide behind if I don't know anyone. Its a little like being at a new farm or racecourse for the time. There are people that can breeze in easily in these situations whereas i take a little longer to feel settled and comfortable. But I thought I would just watch for the first game and start taking some photos a few weeks down the track.

I've just spent a few minutes talking to one of the other mothers who seems nice. She had seen me around the fields with the big lens and camera over the years. It produced the usual exchange of what we both do. My jaw dropped when she said she had 7 children!! She doesn't look like she's had 7 kids that is for sure as she is slender like me and hasn't let childbirth pile the kgs on. She home schools 4 of them!!!! Amazing!! It has to be said that it would not be my cup of tea!!

He's in goal after going ok on the field in the first half. But they piled 3 quick goals through him and I could see the wind come out of his sails. Make that 4... And groan, tears and more goals. He did make one great stop but hurt his hand in the process. Early days. Early days. Sigh.

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