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19 May 2013

A Birthday Party on the Ice

These are the images of Jessica's 8th Birthday Party today.  I'm going to humour myself here with this post.  I didn't even take most of these images.  My brother Tom did.  He was on sideline and camera duty.  I was on the ice with all the kids!  We went to the Phillip Ice Skating Rink.  

I haven't skated since I was about 16.  It only took about 2 laps for it to come back, and I loved it.  Just loved it.  We are going to start going regularly.  It was ace.  Perhaps all the years of water skiing, and lately scooting, helped, but I found I didn't have to hold onto the edge except for the first lap when I was supporting little Korben on his very first and unsteady lap.  My friend Tracy said, when she saw the photos, that it was good to see me smiling.  It felt good today.

I always say it's not a birthday party until Heath throws in a spectacular low blood sugar episode.  He was on the ice and started coming around with me.  And in about 30 seconds I knew he was in strife, with his legs collapsing everywhere on him.  Such is the life of the diabetic child who is still a long way from self managing.  He didn't even feel the low coming on either.  Between the three of us, however, we fixed it, and he was back on the ice again in no time, this time with his legs firmly in control!  Good job!!!!

It's not a party till Heath's sugars have a dive

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