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17 May 2013

My computer hates me... I hate it back....

Ok...  So I have this lovely shiny new computer.  Essentially it is ace.  However there are a few problems.  One is that it is temporary, because the truly ace computer man at Designwyse accidentally ordered me the wrong model.  He is truly lovely, and ordered the right one AND let me keep the shiny new and non crashing and non slow machine to use in meantime.  And I LOVE the new machine.  The only hassle has been that Mail refused from the outset to open.  And that's annoying as heck..  So I'm using my iPhone or the old machine for email, and that causes my language to deteriorate when I'm making loads of typing mistakes on the small iPhone, and it's a headahce when the kids are playing Minecraft or Lego Starwars/Harry Potter.

The lovely new 2.8Ghz real machine is now here.  It's still sitting in it's box, and I need to transfer it all across.  So I've finally phoned Apple to fix it.  Problem?  Mail hates me.  I hate it back.  How do I know this?  We created a test user, and Mail didn't hate the test user (clearly it couldn't see me masquerading as the text user), and it opened.  So we logged out of that, and then emptied the caches.  Try it again?  Mail STILL hates me.  I hate it back even more now.  I've been upgraded to a super cool person David who is going to try to help me.

David has finally got it all going, and we set up new mailboxes, and my machine is now gradually importing then.  We have tricked Mail.  It might still think it hates me.  Or perhaps it thinks it hates the old Mailboxes?  

Postcript: Sigh..  Mail, or my computer, or both, still hates me.  I can receive mail.  Can I send messages?  No!  Alas!!!!!!

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