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23 May 2013

Oh Maxie.. will you ever learn

Maxie fell in the bath.   Again......  That's almost every night this week.  Slow learner kitty, slow learner!

Meanwhile....... The old new MacBook and the new new MacBook are connected to each other via the newfangled thunderbolt cable. We are trying the migration for the 3rd time. Supposed to be blazingly fast said David. I look dubiously at the computer screen. 42 hours doesn't seem fast to me. Perhaps David is right and it won't actually take this long? My bookwork plans for tonight will have to involve sitting on the couch checking transactions off the statement.

Jessica has an iceskating party to go to on Saturday.  The kids are with me this weekend instead of the usual rotation.  I'm sure there will be kiddies at the party who will love another grownup to skate with!  Ok, ok, so I'm not needing much encouragement.  I love that the kids are so keen.  We are going to make a regular thing of it.

Busy, busy, busy.....

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