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22 May 2013

Mr Fixit

Heath is trying valiantly to put the tiny computer desk together.  I'm long since confused.  It's all double dutch to me, and I've walked off in disgust.  It comes with super stupid, unclear and tiny instructions.  They are stupid.  I can't tell the left from the right, or which bit goes where.  It's got a slidy-out keyboard shelf that goes underneath.  It is times like this when I think having someone who could saunter through and say cheerfully 'hey baby, I'll do that for you' would be ace.  If the lower shelf stumps Heath, hopefully my brother will come to our rescue. 

Heath is however doing an ace job of the frame.  I'm still staring suspiciously at the parts of the complicated bits in the box that we don't understand.  There is every chance that the cool slidy-out keyboard thingy will go uninstalled for a while I think.

I photographed some pieces today for Evan.  One was the most exquisite river red gum "Stork" hall table.  It takes my breath away.  He is truly clever.  But it's a tricky little piece because of it's long thin shape to photograph.  I still haven't taken the plunge and bought some soft boxes to use with my flash and some stands to sit them on.  Mostly because I need some advice on which sorts, what size, which brands, etc.  So this will sit in my 'too hard and no time to think about it' tray for a while longer. 

There's been no phone call from the lovely David at Apple either, so I'm no closer to solving my computer issues, and am beginning to feel pressured by this too.

Maxie and I had a little wander outside this afternoon.  He was begging to go outside because he could hear Heath outside.  He now purrs when I get his cute pink harness out (ok, he's my cat, and I'll bloody well buy him pink if I want to....) and jumps up to put it on.  No..   I'm not feeling comfortable enough to let him outside on his own.  We live so close to such a busy road.   The loss of our precious kitty is more than we could all bear right now.

This was a pretty great sort of message to receive on a grey, cold and gloomy day though.  It's from one of my big stud farms.  Their creative marketing team is I believe the benchmark in producing really fabulous material.  I got this email this afternoon:
 "I'm putting together the stallion brochure at the moment - you are going to LOVE it.  Actually we've gone done a whole new path with the brochure because the guys we work with are so enamoured with your images.  It's basically had all the text based content stripped right back then your big pictures of the stallions dominate each page".
So even though Spring seems a long way off, we are already beginning to plan the next stallion shoot.  I love that they really get that the image makes a difference.   And I love that they see the worth in having me there several times each year.  I especially love how they really get that truly great images make all the difference.  I cannot wait to see the brochure, and to see how it is received through the industry.  I strongly believe that we are setting the benchmark.  Is the image important?  No!  The Image is Everything! So for all my USA readers and thoroughbred lovers, The Animal is coming!!!!!!

And finally, just for a little bit of trivia, I walked across the road to the coffee shop to grab lunch for Evan and myself.  They were playing "Drops of Jupiter" by Train.  By the end of the day I'd downloaded it and played it over and over.  Your best friend sticking up for you???  No matter what?  The real ones do.  I'm not sure I get the meaning of the deep-fried chicken in there though.  Odd...

 "Tell me did the wind sweep you off your feet
Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of day
And head back to the milky way
And tell me, did Venus blow your mind
Was it everything you wanted to find
And did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there

Can you imagine no love, pride, deep-fried chicken
Your best friend always sticking up for you... even when I know you're wrong"

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