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18 May 2013

Baking Queens

I hope I'll have good news tomorrow.  I've had the phone call.  I just need for the rest of the night to go without disasters.  This means no more trucks plowing off highway bridges.  And hopefully nothing stupid happens with the football this evening.  If all goes to plan, a certain Pony and I might just make another headline or two, and ensure we stay in people's eyes and minds.

This afternoon I am trying to put that out of my mind though, as it is entirely beyond my influence now.  Heath's soccer game went ok.  He's just tidied his room AND even vacuumed it for me.  There was threats of me ruthlessly vacuuming Lego up if I had to do it.  He surprised me by doing without any tears at all.  Jessica was happily sitting at the old computer doing Mathletics.  I have put all my groceries away, and am getting ready to be Baking Queen.  They are putting the lolly bags together for me now.

Unpacking the groceries saw me have to organise my tiny kitchen cupboards a little in order to fit things in.  The thing with this house is that it's so little that I have to keep it tidier or it turns to chaos, and so it always finds me discovering things I've lost and/or forgotten all about.  

This afternoon was no different.  I found a 1.25l Black and Gold soft drink bottle that had been pushed to the very back of my cupboard.  It's got pasta and rice in it.  It was a shaker bottle to use with stallions.  I stared at it for a little while, recalling that it came from a trip to the Hunter Valley that now seems so long ago.  It now sits with my camera bags, and therefore stands a fighting chance of accompanying the famous Pinkie on our next trip to photograph the boys.  And I'd hope that there will be more than an outside chance that I will reunite with the Famous Pony again.

Sepoy.  Darley Australia.

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