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16 May 2013

Birthday Parties on Scone Cup Weekend.

This weekend is Scone Cup Week.  Many of the big studs whose stallions I photograph are conducting Open Days, and parades each morning.  I would love to be there.  Of course many of the stallions, including my Prince, More Than Ready, are still absent with leave, on the Northern Hemisphere Shuttle and therefore won't be there.  Scone is one of my very favourite places in the whole world.  Most of the industry will be in Scone.  There's a big yearling and mare sale on as well.

Instead I'll be busy organising Jessica's birthday party.  She turned 8 almost a fortnight ago.  Her birthday party is on Sunday morning.  We're going Ice Skating, at the Phillip Ice Skating Rink.  My sister and I used to skate there every Friday from memory.  Caroline was much better than I was, and had gorgeous white figure skates which she looked really ace in.  She could do the spins.  I would get keen periodically, but the horses always drew me away.  I'm going to skate with the kids.  Caroline says she felt all at sea when she did it again, but it did come back. 

Apart from that, I am continuing to wrestle with MYOB, and try to work out how to produce proper accounting statements, which to be perfectly honest, I've never understood 100%.  I have an pile of invoicing to get through as well, so I will really need to shake myself, and get my head together and get into it. 

I'm doing my usual worry about whether my culling over the past week has seen me throw out the right items, whether I've made any mistakes or will have any regrets.  It's always a juggle to work out what to hold on to, and what to discard.  I have till Sunday to rectify any mistakes I guess...  I'm always amazed by how full my recycle bin gets when I get stuck into my office.  I think we're still a long way from the paperless office!  And I'm still ever so slightly old school.  If I really need to digest something, I still want to print it out and work on it from the paper copy.

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