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08 May 2013

Scanning and fiddling

Ok.  I admit it...  I have NOT been doing any bookwork this evening.  Shame on me..  I've been fiddling about with photographs.  And watching Downtown Abbey in the background again.  I really like it, and can tell that I will have to buy Season 2 before I know it.  I liked this line in it, it's a bit telling really isn't it.  It's nicer to believe our hopes aren't false.
 "Nothing is harder to live with than false hope"
I fly to Melbourne on Friday morning.  Saturday and Sunday I have a couple of important commitments that I can't announce until Friday. When I can, I will advise what is happening, where, and what time.

In the meantime, here's another few results from my fiddling about with old photographs from the Famous Family.  And here's the funny thing.  At the time we all thought our film cameras were so great!!!!!  And for their time, they were great.  I remember thinking how clean and ungrainy the images were.  But the digital age, since Nikon brought out the D3 onwards, took imagery to a whole new level.  I wasn't a big believer in digital over film (apart from a processing point of view!) until I started using a D3.  Anyway, they weren't bad for their time, and for the equipment that went with them.  It's a bit like a friend used to say to me, when we were photographing in the dark, or just in crappy and terrible light or conditions - "It is what it is..... "

I did like Bel Esprit though at the time, and these images I did my usual march up the straight hoping to get him winning and in full flight.  He didn't win this race, the G1 Manikato Stakes, on 14 September 2002.  He ran a narrow 2nd.  Run down in the shadows of the post by Spinning Hill.  I was cursing the time. I hardly have a frame of the winner.  But which horse has been immortalised as the sire of The Legend?   Well, it wasn't the first placed horse!

Bel Esprit.  Sire of the mighty Famous Pony Black Caviar.  Yes, he actually ran 2nd..  Good photos though!

Scandinavia, dam of Helsinge (Black Caviar's dam).

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