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10 May 2013

Moody's Little Girl

This is a big weekend for me.  And today I was fortunate enough to be allowed to visit the Famous Pony Black Caviar again. I've been wanting to do these for some time. Moody had said one day he would do these.  He was good to his word.  And they were worth the wait.    Peter Moody is terrific.....  I've always maintained that there is a real bond between him and 'his little girl'.  Judge for yourself.  It's hard not to like someone who has such a natural and easy way with horses.  We have Peter Moody to thank for the legend that is Black Caviar. And for that I will be forever grateful.


  1. Beautiful photos! Lovely to see Nelly enjoying herself out in the paddock with Peter Moody. I've just started reading your blog after seeing your photos on Black Caviar's Facebook page and have really enjoying reading about your experiences with her. She is such a special horse.

  2. Hey Kath. This is a very very special series of images, that I will forever treasure. Bron.