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28 May 2013

New music. New light through old windows...

I'm at Tom's house after swimming. We've had a simple dinner. He has a fan dangled audio bluetoothy music system. It's pretty cool. He started playing some Peter Gabriel. I LOVE Peter Gabriel. This is a special edition album set with an orchestra called New Blood. It's amazing. And downloading on my iPhone as I type. And he's copying another one called "Rare Treats". It's just so good. The best version of Games Without Frontiers i have ever heard. It's new light..... Through old windows... It will give Dan and I some great new songs to listen to when we are next chasing ponies. 

Nelly..  An idyllic day and weekend.  20 December 2012.  Once Upon a Time.....
And ever so gently she checks my cameras are all still ok

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